Photography Tips & Tricks

Rally Auctions works with professional photographers from all around Canada. We can arrange a photo shoot for your vehicle for only $249. Just ask us! 

If you choose to photograph your vehicle yourself, here are a few of our favourite tips and tricks. And, please remember that Rally only accepts horizontal photos.

Wash your car

Make sure your vehicle is clean before you photograph it. This is the single best way to ensure top dollar for your vehicle. Take time to clean the exterior, removing any bumper stickers or decals you’ve added. A clean interior is just as important. Make sure you remove any items you do not intend to sell with the vehicle and then vacuum and clean all surfaces. 

Make sure your car and setting is dry

It is important to make sure your car and the setting you shoot your car in is completely dry. The last thing you want is for a potential buyer to assume your car has a leak because there is a puddle from when you washed it underneath. In addition, wet paint tends to look damaged in photos. Dry is best.

Choose the best possible lighting

The main thing you want to avoid with your photos are harsh shadows or bright glare. Cloudy days often provide the best light to photograph vehicles, but we also recommend early morning or late evening as the sun is low and can often provide the ideal warm lighting. A cloudy day can also be a good time to pull out your camera. Be careful parking under trees as they can create unwanted shadows. Pro Tip: Turn your flash off.

Find a perfect location

The perfect location should not have clutter, people or distractions in the background. Your car needs to be the main focus. As you take photos of different angles of the car, be prepared to move the car as needed to make sure you get the best background and lighting. The time your take on getting the photos right will pay off when your auction goes live.

Get high and get low

Treat your car like a model. Shoot the car from as many different angles as you can. Stand on your toes, kneel, or even lay down to emphasize your car’s best angles. 

Don’t be afraid to take lots of photos

It can be really difficult to know if you’ve got the perfect photo, so we recommend taking lots of pictures. After you have downloaded the images to your computer, then you’ll be able to tell which photos capture your vehicle best or if any are blurry or contain unwanted glare. More photos equals better photos.

Give potential buyers a variety of photos

We require at least 25 photos of your vehicle showcasing all exterior angles, interior and dash, the engine bay as well as the undercarriage. We’ll also need a shot of the VIN (vehicle identification number), odometer reading, the trunk as well as any user manuals, records, toolkits or extra parts included in the sale.

Shoot the flaws

Our community of vehicle enthusiasts understand they are bidding on used vehicle. Inevitably there may be flaws like worn seals, paint chips, cracked glass, leaks or even rust. It is important that sellers highlight these flaws in their photos in order to provide a fair bidding environment and avoid any unnecessary surprises when the buyer comes to collect the vehicle.

Do not over edit the photos

Make sure the photos are an accurate representation of the car. We discourage heavy editing of the photos as this can lead to misunderstandings about the colour. Worse, it can come across as though the seller is trying to hide flaws. Heavy edits tend to lead to negative comments and lower bids. After all, you want the process to be as seamless as possible when the buyer comes to collect the car.