Frequently Asked Questions

Seller FAQs

How much does Rally charge to list a car?

It is totally free to sell your car on Rally. Just send us a listing inquiry to see if your car meets our criteria. 

How do you choose which cars make it on Rally?

At Rally, our focus is on unique enthusiast vehicles. If your car turns heads when you drive it down Main Street, we’re probably interested. While we don’t list every vehicle we’re presented, we’re certainly interested in your submission to see if it’s a good fit for Rally Auctions.

What is a reserve price?

A reserve price is the minimum amount that a seller will accept as the winning bid. It protects the sellers from a bidder who offers a price lower than what the owner will accept from winning the auction. All vehicles being sold on Rally have a reserve unless stated otherwise.

Can I put a reserve price on my auction?

Yes! Rally offers sellers two options: reserve or no reserve auctions. A reserve price is the minimum amount that a seller will accept as the winning bid. A no reserve auction has no minimum price, meaning the car will sell for the amount of the high bid. 

Should you prefer a reserve auction, we will ask you to suggest a reserve price for our consideration. We may recommend a different price based on our market research. 

Should my reserve price be kept a secret?

Your reserve price should always be kept private to ensure you receive the most value for your vehicle. We know it’s tempting, but do not reveal your reserve price in the public comments or Q&A sections. This often slows the bidding down.

How do I submit my car for sale on Rally?

Go to the “Submit a Vehicle” button on our homepage. It only takes a minute. If your car meets Rally’s criteria, we’ll let you know the next steps.

What information do I need to provide in order to sell my car?

We don’t want to waste anyone’s time, so we start with just the basics: year, make, model and a few other details. If your car meets our criteria, we’ll then ask about vehicle history, notable features, and other information that will help us write a custom listing.

Who writes the listing description for my car?

At Rally, we hope to present your vehicle like the valuable collector’s item that it is. Our team will write a professional listing at no charge. You’ll receive up to two proofs to make sure we get the details right.

Who takes the amazing photos?

We will provide you a list of photos we require of your car as well as instructions on how to take them. If you're not comfortable to take the photos yourself, let us know and we are happy to provide a photographer from our network of professionals for $149. Plus, you get to keep these special photos of your vehicle.

Can I schedule when my car’s auction goes live?

Rally allows our sellers to provide a general timeline for when your auction goes live. We do our best to make sure that you, as the seller, can participate in the auction to ensure the best possible result.

How long do auctions last?

All Rally auctions last for 3-14 days. As with a traditional auction, each bid extends the auction incrementally. At Rally, we add one minute with each new bid to ensure bidders do not miss their opportunity and eliminate sniping. When possible, we recommend bidding prior to the 30 second countdown to ensure your bid is processed correctly.

Can I request edits my auction once it’s live?

Of course! Just let us know what you need to have changed and we’ll do our best to accommodate - typically within 12 hours.

How does the buyer contact me and arrange payment?

Congrats! Your auction was a success. Now, Rally provides the buyer and seller with each other’s contact information – phone and email. The two parties can complete the transaction at their convenience.

What if my reserve isn’t met?

When a reserve is not met, Rally will try to negotiate a price between the highest bidder and the seller. Should we reach an agreement, we’ll then put the seller and buyer in contact.

Can I try to make a deal outside of the auction?

We insist on keeping our listings exclusive to Rally leading up-to and during the auction. We encourage sellers to promote the auction to their networks of fellow enthusiasts, but do not talk about price – even in private messaging. Should Rally find out that a seller is trying to sell their vehicle elsewhere, we reserve the right to pull the auction and ban the seller from using Rally’s services.

I’m having seller’s remorse. My car sold, but I don’t want to follow through with the sale. Now what?

All sellers must follow through with the sale of their cars, per your contract with Rally. Failure to follow through with the sale without a clearly justifiable reason is cause to be permanently banned from Rally and may open you up to legal liability from the winning bidder.

What happens if the winning bidder bails on their purchase?

In the rare event that a winning bidder does not follow through on their purchase, we’ll immediately work with the next-highest bidder in an attempt to facilitate the sale of your vehicle at a price that works for you. In the event that we can’t facilitate a sale, we usually offer to re-list your car. If we still can’t sell your vehicle, we will split the buyer’s fee we collected with you 50/50.

Buyer FAQs

What are the buyer fees on Rally?

Buyers pay a 5% buyer’s fee to Rally Auctions in addition to the final purchase price paid to the seller. 

How do I register to bid?

Once you find a car you wish to bid on, click “Place Bid” on the car’s listing. You’ll be prompted to register an account before you can bid, including entering your credit card information. 

How do I place a bid?

We make bidding easy! Just click the “Place Bid” button on a vehicle’s listing. Enter a bid amount higher than the previous bid. In the final minutes Rally's auctions extend by two minutes with each new bid. When possible, we recommend bidding prior to the 30 second countdown to ensure your bid is processed correctly. After you’ve submitted your bid, we place a hold on your credit card for 5% of your bid amount for the duration of the auction. If you end up as the winning bidder your card will be charged this buyer’s fee.

What currency does Rally use?

Well, we’re Canadian, eh! All bids on Rally are proudly presented in Canadian Dollars (CAD).

Can I bid if I live outside of Canada?

Of course you can. We welcome bidders from all over the world, but please be prepared to bid in Canadian Dollars and to arrange the purchase of your car with the seller in a timely fashion. Failure to do so will result in your ban from Rally.

Can I inspect a car in person?

Rally sellers are encouraged to facilitate showings if possible – but it is not mandatory. Use the Questions & Comments below each listing description to see if there is a convenient time to inspect the vehicle.

How do I contact a seller privately?

To contact a seller privately, simply select the PRIVATE setting in the Questions and Comments below the listing description and you’ll be able to send the seller a private message that won’t appear on the auction itself.

Does Rally provide proxy bidding?

No. All bidding requires bidders to actively input each individual bid. We feels this creates a more spirited auction for our community of enthusiasts.

Why do you place a hold on my credit card when I bid?

Rally places a hold on your credit card so that should you end up the winning bidder we can process the buyer’s fee seamlessly. The hold is for 5% of your bid amount. If you outbid, the hold is released from your credit card at the conclusion of the auction.

Can I find out the reserve price of the car I want to buy?

Reserve prices are not made public and we politely ask that buyers do not ask our sellers about reserve pricing during the auction. 

What if the reserve isn’t met?

If you are the high bidder on a car where the reserve is not met, Rally will negotiate with the seller and the buyer in an attempt to facilitate a sale price that works for both. If we reach an amicable sale price, Rally will put the buyer and seller in contact after collecting our buyer’s fee.

Once the auction is over, how do I complete the sale?

Congrats! Your bidding strategy was a success. Now, Rally provides the buyer and seller with each other’s contact information – phone and email. The two parties can complete the transaction at their convenience – including payment, all paperwork and any provincial obligations.

How do I pay for a vehicle that I won?

We leave that to the discretion of buyer and seller. We do discourage any large payments prior to meeting or arranging shipping through a reputable third party.

What will Rally's seller fee look like on my credit card statement?


Payment: RALLY AUCTIONS +17785491699 BC

Can I finance a vehicle that I want to bid on?

Often, yes. But ultimately approval on financing for the particular vehicle you are bidding on is at the discretion of the financial institution.  Before you bid please have your financing approved and in order.

I’m in a different Province or part of the world. How do I get the vehicle?

All vehicles offered on Rally are being sold in their current location. Transportation, shipping, and logistics are the sole responsibility of the buyer.

What if I decide not to purchase a vehicle that I won?

All bids on Rally are binding. When you place a bid for any vehicle, you are agreeing to purchase the vehicle as-is and where-is. Do your research prior to bidding. This should include any desired inspections and arranging personal finances to accommodate purchase. We do not accommodate post-auction pre-purchase inspections to decide if you want the car. Failure to follow through with the purchase is cause to be permanently banned from Rally, and your buyer’s fee will NOT be refunded. 

Are there rules to follow in the questions and comments section?

Rally is intended to be a friendly, enjoyable and useful experience. If you spot a comment that you feel is violating the general terms and conditions of Rally please let us know by contacting us and we may moderate accordingly. A partial list of things that are violate our policies include: Foul language; personal attacks; attempting to share your personal contact information; spamming; asking the seller about their reserve; plugging your personal business, website, social media handles, etc.; sidetracking the conversation about other vehicles or topics unrelated to the vehicle being offered; linking to inappropriate videos/webpages/content/vehicle for sale ads